Programming for Mechanical and Industrial Engineers

This course is all about writing programs using assignment and sequences. Variables and types. Operators and expressions. Conditional and repetitive statements. Input and output. File access. Functions. Program structure and organization. Pointers and dynamic memory allocation. Introduction to classes and objects. Mechanical and industrial engineering applications.

Tutor' Details

Amar Singh and Kiran Fatima

QUALIFICATION: Bachelors in Software Engineering (Concordia)

EXPERIENCE: 4+ years for tutoring Mech-215

Weekly Tutorials - Summer 2024

Tutoring Services by Amar Singh

Course Coverage:

  • Price: $240 for the entire semester
  • Includes: Approximately 12 classes, each lasting 2 hours


  • Comprehensive coverage of all vital concepts, including problems from recent exams.
  • A package of practice problems will be provided in each session.
  • Online access to solutions will be available.


  • Class times will be determined based on the schedules of registered students.

Additional Information:

  • If you join the weekly sessions late, the price will remain the same. However, I will provide access to recorded videos of missed classes. These can be viewed on an iPad at my location in downtown, next to Concordia.

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