Mechanical Vibrations

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

Tutor: Parv Singh


Masters in Mechanical Engineering
(Composite Materials)
Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
(Specialization in Mechanical Design)


7+ years of Tutoring Mechanical Engineering Courses at MechTutoring (Since 2009). Former Teaching Assistant and Marker at Concordia University (2009 to 2012).

TUTOR’ CONTACT : +1 514 574 2161 (

Weekly Tutorials - Summer 2021

Tutor: Parv Singh

Price: 240$ (Even if you join late)


  • Will cover all important concepts including latest old exam problems
  • Package of practice problems will be provided in every session
  • Midterm and final exam reviews are included in the package


  • Option 1: Every Saturday 10am to 1pm (Starting 10th July)
  • Option 2: Every Sunday 10am to 1pm (Starting 11th July)


2015 Rue Drummond, Room 650, Montreal

Note: You can reserve your spot by filling the form given below. Please don’t forget to mention the option# you want to take.

Midterm Crash Course

Midterm Crash Timings will be available by 15th July 2021 for Summer 2021 Semester. Its possible I will not be able to offer any midterm crash due to Covid, Please book your spot for weeklies if that fits your schedule .

If you are interested please fill out the form given below.  So that I can send important details once they are available.

You can also join Mechtutoring Updates group on Facebook to stay updated for all the courses I teach.


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